Bonus babysitting also for summer centers: inps question, how and when to do it

Expected by many families, the online form to request the babysitter bonus and this time also extended to summer camps as required by the last Relaunch decree of 19 May. Those who in fact tried in recent days to make the request on the INPS website, discovered that the platform had not been updated and that, therefore, it was only possible to submit the request for the “old” 600 euros. The new decree, on the other hand, has brought a couple of news regarding the babysitting bonus. The first, in fact, that of the doubling of the check: from 600 to 1,200 euros, but only for those who have not already obtained it with Cura Italia. The other novelty, however, concerns how to spend it. The check can now also be spent to take advantage of local educational services, early childhood services and in recreation centers. But the INPS website, which had not yet been updated for this possibility, as of today.

How does it work? Just log into MyInps and log in with your credentials. Once you have entered the screen for the bonus babysitter, you can also choose supplementary services for children where you will need to enter your data and those of the child for whom you want to submit the allowance application. The bonus aimed at all families, including foster children, with children under 12 years of age (in case of disabling for the age limit there is no).

But be careful: the benefit is provided on condition that there is no other parent in the family beneficiary of income support tools in the event of suspension or cessation of work (for example, Naspi, Cigo, mobility allowance, etc.) or another unemployed or non-working parent, with whom, therefore, there is incompatibility and prohibition of cumulation. The babysitting bonus also incompatible with the kindergarten bonus and with the parental leave. To request the bonus to be used for summer camps, you must also have the data of the chosen structure and a document that proves your enrollment on campus.