Bonafede now defends himself Forza Italia nails him: “Inadequate minister”

Inadequate in the role of Minister of Justice. This is the harsh indictment of the deputy from Forza Italia, Giusi Bartolozzi, against the Guardasigilli Alfonso Bonafede. The Italian parliamentarian, among other secretaries of the Chamber Justice Commission and member of the Anti-Mafia Commission, notes that“during the audition”today’s Guardasigilli“has discarded a whole series of circulars issued by Department of Prison Administration (Dap) without asking, and therefore solving, the real issues of the Covid emergency inside Italian prisons “.

“Much less –continued the deputy in a note– we witnessed an assumption of responsibility by the security guard with respect to what he himself called prison bleeding “. Bartolozzi, in her invective, refers to release of hundreds of criminals convicted of serious crimes, including several boss organized crime, due to the health emergency.

The FI exponent went on to explain:“We asked why instead of three useless dexcept law issued in a handful of days during the month of April, Minister Bonafede did not consider regulating in time, since January, and thus adequately addressing the emergency. The problem of impedimental crime and the dissolution of the accumulation of penalties, the legislative modification of the penitentiary benefits indicated in art. 4-bis O.P., a reflection on the so-called double track, measures to guarantee an adequate circularity of information for the supervisory judiciary “.

Yet, Bartolozzi said again,“of all this there is no trace not even in the last of the decrees issued by the security guard who, due to the retroactive effect of its provisions, we are sure will lend itself even with exceptions to constitutional legitimacy“. The MP concluded by launching a lunge against the minister through a play on words:“In short, if we cannot doubt the good faith of the Honorable Alfonso Bonafede, the same can be said for the lack of competence of the Minister Alfonso Bonafede”.

This attack follows what the Fi deputy herself said yesterday. The blue exponent had criticized what he considers to be“three unnecessary decrees”issued in a handful of days. According to Bartolozzi all this is alone“yet another bluff from Minister Bonafede in the media attempt to push away the huge ones responsibility in the management of the pandemic inside prison structures “.

The blue deputy, entered specifically, stressed that with the first dl is“laughable the attempt to solve or face the problem of prison overcrowding with the use of electronic bracelets, however, in insufficient numbers “.The second decree, added Bartolozzi, “introduces a preventive opinion of Dna and Dda already mandatory for the application of the 41 bis and already required for release orders. “” The last time-had concluded- just as it is written, it serves no purpose. The verifications of the individual positions are already a must for the whole judiciary. We are going from bad to worse and unfortunately there is never an end to the worst “.