Bike bonus, towards doubling the funds (but nobody has used it yet)

The Ministry of the Environment managed to recover, from the budgets of various directorates of the ministry, another 70 million euros for the bicycles bonus which are added to the 120 million of the mobility bonus, provided for by the Relaunch Decree. Environment Minister Sergio Costa said on Thursday in a question time in the Senate. The minister hopes that, during the conversion of the decree law, the parliament will find other resources, at least 50 million, to put on the bonus.

The bike bonus is there, but it cannot be used

In the meantime, however, allocated resources and increased availability, no citizen to date has been able to take advantage of the bike bonus, or refunds to buy bikes or scooters in large urban centers, with a refund of 60% of the purchase price. , for a maximum of 500 euros per adult citizen. The confirmation comes from Piero Nigrelli, director of the cycle industry Confindustria Ancma (National Association of Motorcycle Cycle Accessories). As the portal of the Ministry of the Environment on which to register and be able to request the incentive of a purchase has not yet entered into operation – explains Nigrelli -, we do not know how many the incentive requests are and how much of this fund has been spent and committed or used. Citizens went to the shop or large-scale distribution centers and bought a bicycle requesting an invoice. Ready to use it on the day the Ministry of the Environment portal comes into operation. Here, the complete guide to request the bonus bike (or scooter, even electric) and the procedures to follow.