“Bet won”. Gualtieri congratulates himself. But thousands wait for the cig

He wins the bet with his barista (a coffee), who had expressed doubts that he would ever receive all the financial aid planned to remedy the lockdown tragedy imposed by the government. And proudly post the photo to celebrate the fulfillment of the promise: what the minister nevertheless Roberto Gualtieri had not considered, are the controversies born following the publication of the story with a lot of click on Facebook.

The many people who still await there layoffs they probably weren’t able to smile at the “nice” bet won by Roberto Gualtieri. The numbers in this regard are worrying, given that the data released by INPS speak of about 7 million workers who are self-employed (out of a total of 23 million employed in the country, that is to say over a third), who therefore receive reduced wages from 20 at 40%. In addition to the cuts, however, delays are often added willingly. Among these 7 million workers, about 10 thousand have not yet received a euro despite having submitted the application before May 31, and 165576 have received the money due to them only in part. The approximately 89 thousand people who applied after May 31 are dry, 109 thousand are still waiting for an assessment of their requests. Important numbers, which make it clear why the hatred of some messages appeared on the page of the Minister of Economy.

“On May 13, a few hours before the Council of Ministers which would have approved the Relaunch Decree, I stopped to have a coffee in a bar in front of the ministry building “, tells Gualtieri on Facebook.“The owner, Mr. Valerio, asked me about the measures that the government was preparing to face the economic crisis, and I wanted to” test “the concrete impact of the new decree on a business that was struggling after the loosening of the lockdown preparing to leave “.

“Between the non-refundable refreshment”, explains the minister in detail,“the cancellation of the Irap balance of June, the deduction on the rent, the cutting of the system costs of the bills, the renewal of the indemnity for self-employed workers and the IGC, a count came out with a quantification of the overall help that is far from negligible, and a nice bet: ‘If I actually receive what you say, Minister, I will offer you the coffee! ‘ “.

A bet won, with Gualtieri uploading the photo of the moment.“Now that all that help has arrived, Mr. Valerio was keen to honor the bet and it is with real pleasure that I am here to drink excellent coffee with him. Unfortunately, the catering and tourism sectors are among those most affected by the Covid19 crisis “, adds the minister in his post.“The measures that we have adopted have constituted tangible help to face the most dramatic phase of the emergency and to be able to start again, but we know that the difficulties are not over. This is why I want to say to Valerio and to those who, like him, raise the shutter every day in this difficult moment to hold on: the government continues to work for the recovery of the economy and to support workers and businesses. Because the real bet we have to win is to get out of this crisis all together “.

“Nobody has seen the most tangible phase of the emergency yet. It will come. By the end of the year. Come to visit me, Minister”, comments a user.“I will also offer you a good coffee and we will have a nice chat. So I will be able to tell you my story, that of my business and that of a system thanks to which I, the owner of VAT, I have not taken even one euro of contribution for the days when I was still “.

“We, unfortunately, still have to lift the gate valve, we have not been traveling with our buses for 5 months, there are no tourists, the Italians are afraid to move”, adds another citizen.Have coffee offered by all workers waiting for layoffs and by companies waiting for loans from the banks … we think of the families that do not arrive at the end of the month and not of the coffees and scooters … we are the country of pulcinella “, attacks an Internet user.