Berlusconi: “We are at the service of Italy, not of the 4 left government”

“Good evening Barbara”. Thus began the interview with the president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, to the microphones of Live-Non is the D’Urso on Canale5.“How long will the Giallorossi government hold?”“The worst defect of Italian politics is to always feel at the center of attention, to believe that the political theater is the most important thing. The premier, Giuseppe Conte, says he is not afraid of falling? Italians do not care his destiny, but to have a concrete hand. And we take care of this “. For Berlusconi, our fellow citizens want to know when they will leave the crisis.“Helping businesses recover from the pandemic, from a catastrophe that the government is not solving. We want to do this. And we will succeed”.

The presenter asks if she is ready to collaborate with this government. The answer is clear. “Collaborate with Conte? We only want to put our skills not at the service of this or that government, but we want to help Italy. We are and remain at the service of the Italians “.“If that for someone means alliance with these 4 lefts, then they don’t know my story”Berlusconi says.“To be clear, I don’t want to support the left-wing government. I’d be a fool. I didn’t go on the pitch 26 years ago to shore up this executive.”. Then the Cav focuses on the European situation:“L’Europe is doing the right thing. The recovery fund will bring us hundreds of billions. Then the Mes, the Bei, the Sure fund for layoffs. Finally, there is the European Central Bank which buys our government bonds. We would be lost with this union “.

It is clear about Berlusconi’s summer.“There are closings, for example for tourism. But we are the most beautiful and envied country in the world. The others have to come to us, not us to them”. Then the presenter asks:“What would you do if you were in government? The first three things that come to your mind”.“First of all, a drastic reduction in tax. The suspension for 2020 of all payments to the state. A large house plan, large infrastructure, to restart construction sites. Reform of justice, bureaucracy, health. Then grants to fashion, culture, entertainment “.

“How are the relationships between you, Giorgia Meloni is Matteo Salvini? ““For our part there is a relationship of absolute loyalty with the allies, in a coalition that is made up of different political forces, with different styles and histories. We are not a single party. There is discussion, as it should be, and then a decision has been made together. There has long been an overall agreement on the Regionals and the center he wins if he is united. We are not a single party, as I said. And we, like Forza Italia, are an essential component to win “.

“Yesterday was approved on school decree. Do you think the children have been forgotten? ““School is the most sensational of the harmful effects of 5-star amateurism. They are incompetent, improvised. And to think that they are responsible for our children makes you shiver. This decree displeases everyone: students, going to parents, to unions. The government of the four leftists does not understand that parity school is the bulwark of freedom and pluralism for our country “.

Finally, the future.“It is ready for Quirinale? ““Today at Colle there is the president Sergio Mattarella who is doing a good job with passion and competence. There is only one great hope within me: that the Italians recognize my merits and are aware of how bad and how many injustices they have done to me. This is something I particularly care about in the future “.