Berlusconi: “True armed struggle against me. Elections are the main road”

After hours of chaos, uncertainties and doubts, the definitive clarification arrived from Silvio Berlusconi: the only way forward after the Giallorossi executive is the return to the ballot box. The Cav had released aninterview with The Republic excluding the hypothesis of a government of national unity, but he said he was ready to evaluate the entry into a new one, more efficient and more representative of the Italians. A track that should obviously be discussed with the allies and that he created some bad mood within the League. The ex Prime Minister, who spoke on the microphones of Zapping on Radio 1, explained the situation: “They are the headlines that created the misunderstandings about. I am just as convinced as Salvini is and all our allies are, that the main road is elections“.

The leader of Come on Italy added that the absence of the 5 Star Movement cannot represent the only criterion for a possible new majority: “It would take a government in tune with the majority of Italians, endowed with sufficient authority to manage the most dramatic economic crisis of the post-war period, a credible government in Europe and in the world, capable of restart the country doing the things that we have indicated many times“And at this point the question arises: is it possible to have such a government in this Parliament?”I don’t think so but if it were possible, it is worth it, I think the center united should think together about what to do“was the reply.

“Armed fight against me”

The FI president also spoke on what could be a real one blight judicial in his regards, after the scandal erupted on thephone tapping aired by the transmission Quarta Repubblica. He called it a “armed struggle against me and liberal Italy“, which forced him to defend himself in 96 trials with 105 lawyers:”There justice it was used as a political weapon“.

Immediately Antonio Tajani, during a press conference with Mariastella Gelmini and Anna Maria Bernini, asked for theestablishment of a parliamentary inquiry commission to do clarity on the story. Meanwhile Licia Ronzulli, vice president of the blue group in the Senate, has made a clear proposal: appoint Berlusconi senator for life. The Knight said he was grateful and honored for this initiative, but took the opportunity to emphasize: “I am not looking for personal compensation, I am looking for truth and justice, in the name of that liberal democracy, of that free and liberal Western country that we wanted to become Italy thanks to our political action“.

“I didn’t wait 7 years”

Berlusconi also wanted to specify that he did not wait 7 years to make the declarations known Amedeo Franco, speaker of the sentence. Indeed, he immediately produced them in the competent judicial office – that is, the European Court of Human Rights – which was appealed against against the sentence of the Cassation. “Furthermore, I have spoken of those statements on several occasions, including public ones, but without, of course, ever mentioning names. He did not speak out of personal regard to Judge Franco, not to create him reactions unpleasant in the judiciary and I did it on my own initiative, because he never, never asked me for anything“, has explained.

He said he saw him – during a meeting – torn between a profound crisis of conscience and concern about the consequences of his gesture: “He knew he was defying powers very strong within the judiciary, in the world of information and politics and for this very reason I particularly appreciated his behavior and for this very reason I tried to protect him“Now that Franco has disappeared, however, there is no point in keeping confidentiality. Also because it is right that the Italians are made aware of how, once again, the democratic choices of the voters “have been altered using justice as a weapon of political struggle“.