Berardi (Fi), ‘don’t waste more growth opportunities’ – Il Tempo


Rome, 22 July (Adnkronos) – “Like all compromises, the agreement on the Recovery Fund could have been better, but we must be honest, it could have been much worse. The increase in funds and the shared debt are certainly points in favor of the agreement and can be considered a victory for the EPP group which, once again, proves to be close to our country “. This was stated by Forza Italia senator Roberto Berardi.

“Now, President Berlusconi is right – he adds – when he says that while waiting for these funds to arrive we will have to use all the other tools available, including Mes and Sure, and that we must be ready with a package of reforms worthy of the name. We can’t even waste an opportunity for growth anymore. This government has limited the damage, now prove to be able to look ahead or pass your hand. ”