Bank of Italy: new record of public debt, 2,530.6 billion in June – La Stampa

New record of public debt, which at the end of June was 2,530.6 billion, 20.5 billion more than in May against a borrowing requirement for the month of 20.6 billion. This was announced by the Bank of Italy in the publication “Public finance: borrowing requirement and debt”. Cash and cash equivalents of the Treasury fell slightly (-0.8 billion to 60.7); the spreads and premiums on issue and redemption, the revaluation of inflation-linked securities and the change in exchange rates increased the debt overall by € 0.7 billion.

And again according to what was communicated by the Bank of Italy, in June the tax revenues accounted for in the state budget amounted to 26.2 billion, down by 19.9% ​​(-6.5 billion) compared to the corresponding month of 2019. In the first few six months of 2020 tax revenues amounted to 169.9 billion, down by 10.3% (-19.4 billion) compared to the same period last year, affected by the suspension of some tax payments ordered by the decrees approved to starting from March and the worsening of the macroeconomic situation. This was announced by the Bank of Italy