Bandaged foot and crutches, but Meloni does not stop and attacks Conte

Bandaged left foot e crutches, so Giorgia Meloni presented herself on social networks today, back from a small injury of which she has not yet provided an explanation to her followers.

“It seems that for a few days I will be slowed down”, commented the president of Fratelli d’Italia next to the posted image, receiving the wishes of a speedy recovery from his supporters. Maybe the slowdown will be evident from a physical point of view, however Meloni did not want to take even a break, nor did she limit her interventions by continuing to make her voice heard and that of the party she directs and to shoot at zero against Giuseppe Conte and its so-called “General States”.

In doing so, it praises the compactness shown by the opposition front in the face of the problems our country has experienced in the last terrible months.“We are a strong coalition and cohesive, we share values ​​and programs, and thanks to this we are able to govern well thousands of Municipalities and the majority of Italian Regions. Of course, there are differences between us “, he explains during an interview with al “Corriere del Trentino”,“but it is natural that this is the case, otherwise we would be a single party”.

The attack on the Prime Minister and on the “theater” set up by him with the States General is tough.“The coalition is compact and it is also demonstrated by the no to the general states: an unacceptable staging, opened by the representatives of the European Commission, the ECB and the Monetary Fund, that is, the dear old Troika “, sinks the president of FdI.“I am increasingly proud of not having accepted to participate in this absurd staging, useful only to theego of Conte while there are millions of Italians who do not know how to get to the end of the month “.

At the precise request of the journalist, then, Meloni also touched on the delicate issue of the next administrative elections, of which there is still no certainty.

“For us it was possible to vote even in July, it would have been enough to know it in time. But now that it is no longer possible to do so, we asked Parliament not to vote before September 27, to avoid, for example, definitively putting the tourism with the election campaign “, explained the FDI leader, to then reserve a thrust for the majority.“But the Democratic Party and the Cinquestelle are not interested in anything, because they only care about palace games”.

An observation also on his role as political leader in a world, the one specifically defined by the Brothers of Italy “patriarchal” by the journalist.“It may seem strange to you but the truth is that there is much more respect for women on the right than on the left, who often use the female question instrumentally and to make propaganda. It is no coincidence that I am the only female party secretary in Italy. I hold this position thanks to my job and I have the trust of the men and women of Fratelli d’Italia for my abilities, not for my sex. On the right is the merit to make a difference “Meloni said proudly.