Bag down with Tenaris and Pirelli – La Stampa

The Milan Stock Exchange closed a day that began with a positive sign in sharp decline; the Ftse Mib is the worst among the main European indices with a drop of 1.34% to 19,475 points (All Share -1.24% to 21,305). The disappointing performance of some stocks after the presentation of the results as at 30 June contributed to stopping Piazza Affari: Unicredit, which made them known before the opening of the markets, left 3.87% on the ground. Pirelli (-4.76%) and Tenaris (-4.95%) were also bad; in the energy sector, Saipem loses 3.16%.

Among the Bper banks (+ 2.17%) celebrates the return to the main basket; in managed savings in the dust of Banca Mediolanum (+ 1.55%). Unipol sale (+ 0.91%) awaiting tomorrow’s accounts. Outside the main basket, MPS closed up but after the half-year it reduced its earnings to + 0.78%.