Bag down with Saipem and Pirelli – La Stampa

Session of moderate decline for the Milan Stock Exchange, at the end of an overall negative week, due to concerns about Covid (at Italian and international level) and a series of bad news on the fragility of the economic recovery, which have arrived in recent days both from the Central Bank European and from the United States. On the last day Piazza Affari with the Ftse Mib lost 0.36% to 19,675 points (All Share -0.34% to 21,526) despite a good start; the indices of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Eurozone, which were not too convincing, also weighed.

Among the individual stocks in Milan, CnhI closed sharply (+ 1.62%) indirectly driven by the results of the American competitor Deere; the other industrialists fell with Pirelli losing 1.95% and Leonardo making -1.56%; even worse in Saipem energy (-3.50%) while Terna earns 0.58%. Buzzi Unicem is also saved (+ 0.34%). Telecom Italia was down (-1.41%). On the Ftse Mib, among the securities related to finance, Nexi stands out (+ 0.61%).