Autostrade, Conte wants the agreement. The M5s is furious

If in the past few days Giuseppe Conte had explained that he did not have on the table “an acceptable proposal” from Highways, now the prime minister has suddenly lowered his tone. The threat of revocation would seem to have vanished.

This eventuality, defined until yesterday “forced solution“was replaced with the executive ‘s willingness to negotiate to reach a agreement. The important thing, Conte made clear, is that the dossier closes as soon as possible, also because the pressure from the allies – see free range Nicola Zingarettibegins to become suffocating.

Agency sources claim that there seems to be a willingness from the government to untie the knot once and for all. The prime minister hoped to get there early, and spoke at length in one summit with the Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, and that of Transport, Paola De Micheli.

The negotiation continues

According to what theHuffington Postat the table were the cabinet chiefs of the premier and the two ministers. Not i 5 stars, excluded from the meeting. It is precisely for this reason that indignant voices arose among the pentastellate ranks – remember that the MoVimento is against any agreement with the Benettons.

In any case, returning to the negotiation, the situation is as follows. On the table, still underlines theHuffPost, we find the upward proposal that the Benettons presented in mid-May. Or: 3 billion, and no longer two, in addition to the “defusing the mine June 30th“, when theoretically the time would come to return the concession and request compensation from the state (in Atlantia’s opinion it would be over 20 billion, the Millepropoghe could reduce it to 7 billion).

Conte’s goal is to get to the white smoke. For its part, too Atlantia apparently he’s going to negotiate. L’Adnkronos added another not insignificant detail on the summit between the prime minister and the ministers: “Minimum conditions have been agreed below which any counterparty proposal remains inadmissible and revocation becomes automatic“.

The possible way out

To avoid revocation and legal disputes, there was talk of a new shareholder structure: the F2i fund, with the participation of Poste Vita and several pension funds, would be called to take control of Aspi from Atlantia, flanked by Cdp.

The project it would already be on the tables of the various managers, who however continue to wait for the political choices and the moves of the Benettons. In short, on Autostrade it can be treated, but the final result is still shrouded in fog.

A further “political evaluation” will be needed to untie the node of the renewal of the concession to Autostrade per l’Italia (Aspi), emerged from the summit between the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, and the heads of delegation of the majority that was held tonight at Palazzo Chigi. The confrontation between government forces on the Autostrade dossier will therefore continue in meetings with the Minister for Infrastructures, Paola De Micheli, and a new confrontation between the Prime Minister and the heads of delegation is not excluded. In the afternoon there had already been a meeting between Conte, De Micheli and the Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, in which it was decided to continue negotiating with Aspi, however establishing “minimum conditions” below which each proposal it remains inadmissible and revocation becomes automatic. In the meeting with the heads of delegation it was decided for a further political transition, a confrontation that legitimizes the continuation of the negotiation on Aspi on which the M5s has already expressed its opposition several times.

“I do not imagine a future in which to restore the highways to Benetton,” said Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio at ‘Porta a Portà. “What the solution is up to the technicians – he added – the three thousand kilometers of highways after what happened I can’t imagine giving them back to him”. But Conte and the Democratic Party seem to have a different idea.