Autonomous bonuses of 600 euros: from 21 May the indemnity for April

As the Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri had anticipated last week, the second tranche – the one related to the month of April and foreseen by the Relaunch decree – of the 600 euro allowance for self-employed workers, collaborators and seasonal workers of tourism and of spas, started to be paid 48 hours after the publication of the dl in the Official Gazette. Credits are taking place on a current account or card with Iban, the same collection tool that is chosen for the March installment. This was explained by INPS, which also gives instructions on how to complete payment operations for fixed-term workers in agriculture, with the second installment of the allowance set by law in the amount of 500 euros.

More specifically, today 21 May 1,400,000 payments have been credited to current accounts and cards equipped with Iban. Tomorrow, 22 May, it will be up to another 400 thousand beneficiaries, while the remaining 2 million will be credited with the allowance on Monday 25 May. INPS explained that payments spread over three days were necessary “in consideration of the technical constraints of the operation of the national interbank network, which allows the management of no more than 2.2 million transfers per day”. And since the space on Friday 22 May was almost entirely committed by payments already planned by other public administrations, the settlement of the allowance was thus divided into three parts.

The cash payment for the 190 thousand workers who in the application made last April have chosen this payment method, will begin on Tuesday 26 May with the first 74 thousand beneficiaries and will continue on May 27 (19,000) and May 28 (97,000). For these workers, the collection of the second installment of the allowance will take place at any post office counter, after having received the communication from Poste Italiane, a communication which must be sent to the post together with an identity document and your tax code.