Audio shock of the magistrate, the wrath of FI: “Who decided on Berlusconi’s sentence?”

Another scandal falls on the judiciary. About their piloted processes and how they contributed to the change of history. After the trojan on Palamara’s phone, more wiretapping appears. They date back to 7 years ago and involve different subjects: Silvio Berlusconi, the magistrate Antonio Esposito and the rapporteur-magistrate Amedeo Franco.

The eavesdropping Environmental concerns concern a comment on the sentence that sentenced Silvio Berlusconi to prison in 2013. Amedeo Franco – during a telephone conversation with the Cav – admits that he was unjustly convicted and that everything “was piloted from above”. The final judgment concerned an alleged unlawful appropriation of TV rights. But so – and now the documents and the audios prove it – it was not.

Cards today published exclusively by Il Riformista and the audio shocks aired on Fourth Republic make you cringe. The magistrate – in his own way – apologizes to Silvio Berlusconi for that partisan process. “In my opinion, he was treated unfairly and suffered a serious injustice – says Amedeo Franco -. All my colleagues and even his colleagues who do not support her are convinced that this thing was guided from above. She was to be sentenced to because he is a rascal “.

Forza Italia’s reactions

“But who is it that from above decided that the Cassation should condemn Berlusconi? Who was the director of the conspiracy that changed the history of Italian politics in recent years? A real judicial coup d’état”, he writes Antonio Tajani on Twitter.

And immediately the vice-president of the Forza Italia group in the Senate echoes him, Licia Ronzulli. “How much aired tonight a Fourth Republic it is simply upsetting, painful. The audio by Dr. Franco on the sentence sentenced to Berlusconi, made public by Il Riformista, shows that democracy has been rigged, altered to the point of changing the course of Italian political history, as well as undermining the balance between the powers of the state . It is simply shameful that a certain judiciary uses its power for political struggle, it is damage done not only to President Berlusconi, to his family and to Forza Italia, but to all the citizens who have proof from tonight that unfortunately there is also unfair justice. Let us remember that if Berlusconi is out of the Senate it is because of this unjust sentence and that today we discover that it is being piloted “.

Even the president of the Forza Italia senators, Anna Maria Bernini, immediately released a note. “The revelations on the murky climate in which the sentence reached the Cassation, which definitively condemned Berlusconi for a tax fraud never happened, are the confirmation of what unfortunately we knew for some time: there was a systematic political use of justice to eliminate the center-right leader from the political scene – reads -. The sentence of the civil court of Milan restores the truth, but the damage is now done. Even though Berlusconi is a giant and has managed to stay on his feet, the vulnus caused by democracy remains unfortunately irreparable. Today’s news even make the Palamara scandal pale and confirm that an immediate, drastic reform of justice is necessary “.