Atlantia – La Stampa shines in Piazza Affari

Piazza Affari throughout the trading day sought recovery from the collapse of the eve, but only got a rebound: Milan ended the session up 0.43% with the Ftse Mib index (at 18,888 points) and +0 41% with the All Share (at 20,623) while Frankfurt lost 0.18%, Paris gained 0.49% and London 0.47% (despite the announcement of the 20% drop in the product Gross British in April).

On the Milan stock exchange, the rally of Atlantia is particularly noteworthy (+ 3.87% after having gained more than double during the session). Telecom Italia (+ 3.61%) and Banca Generali (+ 3.51%) also did well after the data on the May deposits confirmed the solidity of the institution (instead in the rest of the financial sector Bper -2.27% and Nexi -0.70%). In the energy sector, Italgas has gained positions (+ 2.71%) and Saipem has recovered something (+ 1.39%) despite the weakness of oil prices during trading in Piazza Affari. In the ChnI industry + 2.56% and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles + 1.44%, instead Leonardo lost 0.51%; Salvatore Ferragamo in fashion -0.88%.