Another fool of the “sardines”: Cycling in Liguria ends badly

We certainly did not expect to see one hundred and fifty people, more or less the one hundred and thirty-nine articles of the constitution in addition to the eighteen transitional and final provisions, but not even such a small group of people. Only six months have passed since that December 6, 2019, when the Ponentine Sardines invaded Piazza Colombo, in Sanremo, for a flash mob in favor of migrants and against center-right politics. It was cold then, but there were many; today, however, under a hot sunny day, what should have been the “Pedaling with the Constitution” of the Sardines by bicycle – scheduled at 5.30 pm on the bike path of the city of flowers – turned out to be a flop.

Few adhesions. According to the organizers, it would have affected the fact that many activists are over sixty years old and not very inclined to go cycling; not to mention the fear of infection, despite the rules of social distancing. The order service of the police, who presided over the rally, as long as the bike procession took the cycle path from the Pian di Poma parking lot, to head towards Arma di Taggia.

Each participant showed a sign with an article of the Constitution on it: “The message is very simple – said Alessio Bellini, one of the organizers – we all wrote it on: Italy is a republic founded on work and the rest we know. The constitution is one, it is the one to which we must adhere, we want to reiterate it and we want to show it not only in words but also visually “.

The Sardine ride was supposed to be an alternative way to celebrate June 2, compared to the center-right that packed the Italian squares with a series of flash mobs in protest against the Conte government’s policy. “Some decided at the same time to demonstrate in different Italian squares – reads the press release announcing today’s ride -. There is the one wanted by Matteo Salvini, the leader of the League who will be in Rome with Giorgia Meloni and Silvio Berlusconi. In Piazza Duomo the frontman will be the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana. There will be someone who will also try to make a new ‘march on Rome’. The goal of all apparently is not so much to celebrate the Republic, but to bring down the government, in the more ‘normal’ politics in our country “.

The fact is that in Piazza San Giovanni, in Imperia, this morning there were about seventy VAT numbers on the brink of the abyss, due to the economic crisis triggered by the health emergency from Coronavirus and “the tax policy of the Conte government”, as underlined by the honorable Flavio Di Muro, during his speech. A message for families and businesses, who are suffering right now? “In the end, I think this problem belongs to everyone – Bellini commented – consequently even those who are better must join those who are worse in order to fight all together”.