An avalanche of taxes at the door The decree on postponement? Disappeared

There is confusion. The bad figure they had already done so by providing for a postponement of the tax just 20 days. But with the Giallorossi, history has taught us, there is no limit to the worst. It turns out that a few days after the deadline, the government has not yet passed the decree to make the measure active. Therefore, there is a risk of a tax slide in about 24 hours.

The Ministry of Economy had announced in recent days an extension to July 20 for payments of personal income tax, IRES and VAT expiring on 30 June for the 4.5 million taxpayers who are required to pay taxes. The MEF envisaged the launch of a Dpcm (still non-existent) to review the balance deadlines.“The provision – said the minister, Roberto Gualtieri – meets the requests of professionals and companies facing a moment of serious liquidity shortage following the Covid-19 pandemic “.

But at around 9 pm on Sunday 28 June the measure has not yet arrived. And the five-member MEPs of the Finance Committee shout the alarm.“It is urgent and necessary that the Dpcm for the postponement to July 20 of the IRPEF, IRES and VAT deadlines to be fired. There are only two days to 30 June and the risk is a tax burden for businesses and taxpayers “.

Then they continue:“In the context of Revival decree we have already presented an amendment with the first signature by Giovanni Currò to postpone the deadlines from June to 30 September and guarantee our companies a less complicated summer, helping them to start again. In the meantime, however, it is necessary to postpone them at least until 20 July so as to allow Parliament to achieve even the most ambitious goal. We recall that, with regard to this postponement, a favorable opinion was voted in the Finance Committee with the rapporteur Luca Migliorino. There are all the conditions to proceed, only the Dpcm is missing “.

The Treasury a few days ago, in a statement, had boldly announced the news of the postponement. As if it were a victory postponing the deadline tax just two weeks old:“In order to take into account the impact of the Covid-19 emergency on the operations of smaller taxpayers and, consequently, on the operations of their intermediaries, the Dpcm is being issued which extends the deadline for payment of the 2019 balance and of the first 2020 advance for income tax and VAT purposes, for taxpayers affected by the application of the Synthetic Reliability Indices (Isa), including those belonging to the flat-rate regime “.

The Dpcm a few hours after the expiration of the taxes has not yet been seen. And this delay can only alarm the usual taxpayers harassed and harassed by the inefficiency of the state. Taxpayers who may have a little more breathing space in payments due at the end of the month after the financial difficulties resulting from the lockdown and the decrease in the turnover generated by the coronavirus emergency.