Amazon, 1600 hires in Italy this year – La Stampa

Contested (at times) for the working conditions it offers, Amazon continues to create jobs, even in Covid’s time, and indeed, even more so in Covid’s time, when Internet-related activities have boomed in various ways: today the group has announced the creation for this year of 1600 jobs in Italy. The e-commerce giant specifies that these will be permanent contacts; this is an acceleration compared to what was done the previous year (1400 new posts). The workforce of the company founded by Jeff Bezos will thus grow to a total of 8500 employees, compared to 6900 at the end of 2019.

The hiring will strengthen the staff in the various Amazon points in the country, from Castel San Giovanni, in the province of Piacenza, the first logistics center opened in Italy in 2011, to Passo Corese, in the province of Rieti, passing through Vercelli. Last year the company inaugurated a fourth distribution center, in the province of Turin, in Torrazza Piemonte. And for 2020, a company note points out, “an investment of more than 140 million euros has already been planned for the construction of the fifth and sixth distribution centers. They will be opened in Castelguglielmo / San Bellino (Veneto) and Colleferro (Lazio) “at the end of the year. The new job opportunities touch the other Italian realities of Amazon, which also include the development centers of Asti and Turin also dedicated to artificial intelligence.

Investments made in Italy in 2019 have gone up, it is said, “to 1.8 billion euros”. Also in 2019, Amazon says, “our total tax contribution was € 234 million. It is divided into two parts: the taxes directly incurred by Amazon are € 84 million. The taxes paid as an employer constitute an important part; the indirect taxes that we collected for an additional 150 million euros as a result of our activities in Italy “. These are the accounts when the tenth birthday of is just around the corner. The platform debuted on November 23, 2010.