Alitalia, the industrial plan within a month. L’ad Lazzerini: “We focus on long-haul flights” – La Stampa

«Within 30 days we will present the industrial plan of the new Alitalia. The government has decided to create a new medium-term company with a sustainable and economically robust carrier. There will be discontinuity with the past and the goal of sustainability. We will make investments in quality, fleet and digital processes but gradually. We will focus on alliances in terms of flight and services and with development prospects with the tourism sector ». This was declared by the president of Alitalia, Francesco Caio, in a hearing at the Transport Commission in the Chamber on the company’s development prospects.

The appointed CEO Fabio Lazzerini outlines the profile of the future company: “Our positioning must necessarily be in the premium market sector. If you are not a low cost, betting on low fares means committing suicide. A carrier like Alitalia is a completely different structure from a low cost one. Costs must be the obsession of the management of the new company, because efficiency is fundamental, but not to be pursued on the ground of low prices ».

The road, explains the CEO, is that of long-haul flights: “The first will enter in 2022. In this market segment, in the absence of competition from low cost, there is a huge prospect. Consolidation of the short and medium range is also expected for Fiumicino, otherwise the long range will not hold up ». Lazzerini then spoke of the renewal of the fleet which would lead to savings in the order of 40-45% of fuel.

What the new top management of the company is working on is a medium-term project: «We have to think of a 5-year plan – continues Lazzerini -. We are in a particular period, but we must not lose sight of what we want Alitalia to be. The alliance with an air transport partner is certainly a fundamental point of the industrial plan, because the world of airlines is made up of alliances. It is difficult to be alone in a global world by definition ».