Alitalia, part newco: Conte appoints Caio and Lazzerini Premier, on ex Ilva live Invitalia-Mittal negotiation – La Stampa

Alitalia’s Newco takes off. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced the names of the top management who will take over the company: Francesco Caio will be the President while Fabio Lazzerini will be the CEO. “The newly appointed top will be able to work immediately, with the advisors already identified by the Ministry of Economy, on the new business plan, which will then be notified to the European Commission”, says the premier in a post on Facebook. The new public company will have an endowment of 3 billion, a fleet of over 100 aircraft and arrives after over 3 years of extraordinary administration, bringing the company back into public hands, from which it had paraded in 2009 with the arrival of the courageous Captains.

With this latest injection of liquidity, the river of public money that has flown into Alitalia’s cash register since 1974 amounts to over 12 billion euros. “In these days we have been working on the Alitalia dossier in order to proceed rapidly with the signing of the new company, through a decree proposed by the minister Gualtieri and co-signed by the ministers De Micheli, Patuanelli and Catalfo. We shared the guidelines that will guide the industrial plan, which it will have to allow the pursuit of business strategies in the name of economic management, in order to face, with full competitive ability, the complex challenges of the post-Covid air transport market 19 “, explains Conte in his wide-ranging post in which he also speaks Ilva. On the dossier “Ilva we are proceeding in these days to define the public co-investment and thus implement the agreements already signed on 4 March,” writes the Premier. “The subject identified for this purpose is Invitalia and the negotiation with Arcelor Mittal to define the details of the new governance has come to life”, adds Conte, underlining that on both dossiers “we have promised to achieve ambitious environmental and employment objectives, and we are very determined to respect this commitment “.

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Paola De Micheli, expresses satisfaction with the appointment of the top management of Newco. “Today’s acceleration with the appointment of Caio and Lazzerini opens a new era for the flag carrier and the professional qualities of the president and CEO are certain that the conditions will develop for a new large company, as this country deserves”, the minister said that in recent days in the House he explained that the new Alitalia will have “an industrial plan in absolute discontinuity with the previous models, which will allow Italy to have an airline capable of contributing to the country’s economic recovery, but above all to compete on the international air transport market “. In the meantime, however, the unions are skeptical and agitated about possible cuts to Newco staff.

In recent weeks numbers had circulated indicating a workforce cut to 4-5 thousand units. In a letter sent today to the company they denounce “serious problems” on the situation in which the group is facing, with specific reference to the “lack of sharing of the strategy put in place for the resumption of post lockdown activity”, considering it “excessively slow, commercially fallacious , harmful to the image of the company and with management, shifting, work organization and remuneration impacts on all categories, ground and flight, which are no longer sustainable “. So Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl Air Transport asking “with extreme urgency a comparison table” to be followed by “a permanent control room for the implementation and constant verification of the jointly identified solutions”. And tomorrow from 10.00 Usb Private Work will hold a garrison under the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport which will be attended, among others, by workers and temporary workers of the Alitalia and Cityliner group.