Alitalia, Conte: «the newco is born, it will not be a bandwagon»

The Alitalia dossier accelerates three years, a month and two weeks after the start of the extraordinary administration. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte met with the ministers who deal with the fate of the tricolor carrier (Economy, Transport, Economic Development, Work) to decide the roadmap that will lead to the newco. It was Conte himself who anticipated the summit in an interview with Fanpage. “Today (yesterday, ed) we will have a meeting with the relevant ministers to define the dossier, “he said. “We have a project, a newco will be born which will not be a State bandwagon, but a new subject who will have to be able to interpret what is currently available market space”.

«Delivered the plan»

“We have presented Alitalia’s industrial guidelines to President Conte,” he added Door to door Transport Minister Paola De Micheli. “The MEF is completing the procedure to finance the newco with 3 billion”. “Alitalia can start from scratch by learning from the mistakes of the past,” he continued. The minister denied the creation of a low cost division and anticipated that subsequently “there will be agreements with industrial partners”.

The knots

The issues to be resolved, two sources explain, are different and other comparisons will be needed, even after the announcement of the start-up of the new company. Two main unknowns. The first: the outcome of the negotiations with the European Commission which monitors the moves of the Italian government. The second: the nominations for the summit. The candidates still would not have agreed with the political interlocutors. Also on this the premier urged to find a square.

The European front

It is not excluded that the newco can really start after the Brussels ok. The Commission is calling for financial discontinuity, but also for a new, reduced Alitalia, with fewer planes, fewer staff and a different perimeter. The government’s final document – according to European sources – will also indicate the economic results expected in the next 3-5 years with a profit of not less than 4-5%, a figure that is in line with those of 2019 of the main European companies.