Aid to the South, companies bewildered. Lega and Forza Italia: “An electoral measure” – La Stampa

ROME.The August decree of 25 billion, as usual, does not satisfy anyone and brings to the surface the old divisions between North and South. Confindustria expresses an unflattering judgment on the entire maneuver because it expected measures and resources all centered on the supply side, that is direct resources to entrepreneurs and fewer incentives to rain which should push consumer demand anyway. But what has most disconcerted Viale dell’Astronomia is the advantageous taxation that should favor southern businesses with a 30% cut in contributions for all workers already hired and newly hired.

There was no explicit criticism, because the Confindustria associations of the South could be resentful given that the new national presidency is hypernordist. So it’s better to criticize in general and the same attitude can be seen in the parties.

Here is what the “August” decree contains: from the fund for housewives to the Plan for the South, all the news

Apart from those of the majority who obviously exalt the August decree, even the opposition does not turn the knife so much into the wound, it does not criticize the strong signal that from Palazzo Chigi and the Ministry of Economy has arrived for the South. Forza Italia e Brothers of Italy have their electoral core bussiness from Rome down and therefore taxation is fine if it helps the voters of those regions. There are a few unconventional voices that say everything but there is. For example, the financial manager of FI Renato Brunetta, when he talks about electoral bonuses, refers to the measures that will ultimately help the southerners more. “Being an electoral operation – explains Brunetta – it is clear that the government and this majority are turning more to certain regions of the South. It is there for all to see. After all, there are elections on 20 September ».

From August, Conte: “We arrive at interventions for 100 billion, we will not leave anyone behind”

Matteo Salvini cannot get too out of balance with his National League which has thrown the Northern League to the winds and now appears on the Strait of Messina with one of its mayoral candidates in Reggio Calabria. On the other hand, those in the Carroccio house do not mince words only the Northern League players Roberto Calderoli and Paolo Grimoldi who have heard Confindustria in Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia, Piedmont. That is the regions most affected by Covid. «They are showing – says Grimoldi – their understandable discontent with the choices made by the Government. Northern industrialists today speak of racism towards northern businesses. There is nothing in the August Decree for Northern Companies. Not to help the North affected by Covid to distribute money in the South, perhaps to facilitate the electoral campaign in Campania and Puglia? , it means not looking at the recovery of the country and penalizing the most productive regions and paradoxically the most affected by Covid ».

Calderoli does not understand why a large special economic zone has not been created even in the regions most affected by Covid, in particular the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Lodi and Piacenza. “These Lombard, Emilian, but also Piedmontese or Veneto territories have suffered something unthinkable in terms of loss of human life and consequent economic and productive repercussions, for this reason they deserve special and facilitated aid”.

The discontent are hidden among the exponents of the Northern Democratic Party. Only the former secretary of the Democratic Party, Maurizio Martina, came out and would like to eliminate “any anti-northern sentiment as it is necessary to do so for any anti-southernist logic”.

Confindustria does not officially speak but its base does, even the one that should be closer to the left. Very critical, for example, former deputy of the Democratic Party Massimo Calearo, entrepreneur from Vicenza, president of Calearo Antenne, about 600 employees: «It should be an Italian issue and not only in the South, I don’t think it’s a great idea. We continue to give money to rain – insists Calearo – and instead every single case should be analyzed. It is a complex situation that should be analyzed by experts and not by amateurs in disarray».

(Claudia Luise collaborated)