A little progress for the stock market indices – La Stampa

Piazza Affari concluded the day with the indices in marginal recovery: Ftse Mib + 0.21% to 19,516 points and All Share + 0.24% to 21,356. For the euro / dollar exchange rate, a drop of 0.21% to 1.1817. As for the yield differential between Italian ten-year BTPs and the corresponding German Bunds, it falls by 2.14% to 143 basis points.

There is an apparent paradox regarding macroeconomic data: in the United States, employment numbers were released in July, which were better than expected; but the stock exchanges have not reacted well, because if the problems are less serious than feared, it becomes more difficult for the Washington Congress to approve the additional stimulus package that the markets await

Among the individual securities of the Milan Stock Exchange, Nexi (+ 2.94%), Diasorin (+ 2.72%), Unipol (+ 2.54%) and Finecobank (+1, 82%). On the other hand, the most noticeable drops of the day are those of Pirelli (-3.47%), Bper Banca (-1.90%), Banco Bpm (-1.85%) and Eni (-1.71%); the oil group was penalized by the decline in the price of a barrel during trading in Piazza Affari.