A future without plastic: the challenge of students in the competition of ideas for the products of the future

The main mission? A future with less plastic also for cosmetic products such as creams, shampoos and conditioners. This is the theme of the Brandstorm 2020 competition, organized by the French multinational of the ‘beauty’ L’Oral, proposed to Italian university students from all over Italy and from all over the world who had to create an innovation that would reduce or even completely eliminate plastic changing consumer habits and inventing new business and marketing solutions. This year’s Italian edition was attended by 8 finalist teams, while more than 700 students, 250 teams from over 15 Universities across the Peninsula, who proposed more than 140 new ideas, took part in the selection. In fact, young talents have not stopped even at the time of Covid-19 and continue to offer new ideas from which to create new products.

The ideas of students from all over Italy

Original ideas of all kinds arose from this year’s Italian event, organized in virtual mode, for the first time due to the emergency of this period that forced many workers to work smartly. Not only enrolled in economic faculties , 50% are young engineers. The first goal: the creation of a material easily From the single-dose L’oralteams sachets of the Politecnico di Milano like those of th to contain shampoo and cream, to the caps of Future for free, which allow you to create an effective product that contains 85 % of water in a PLLA bottle, a material similar to Pet but more biodegradable, to bamboo containers, a plant that grows back in a short time by the students of the Luiss of Smart Beauty, to the use of Eco aluminum and algae of Hungry for beauty, to the winners of KLAP, students of the University of Modena, who have created ‘Bops’, capsules in completely recyclable material, inside which are contained single doses to be used for different cleaning and beauty needs, simply by ‘clapping’ your hands.

The world final in Paris on 24/25 June

But the young talents, Alessandra, enrolled in the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, Adriano, future chemical and materials engineer and Beatrice, student of International management and marketing, who aim to become entrepreneurs in the future, and not even in The cosmetics sector will fly to Paris for the world final to be held on 24/25 June to propose an even more successful and effective evolution of their project to allow the creation of a product that will soon allow less and less cumbersome disposal.