5S want to use Covid to make us vote online

Coronavirus could be an opportunity to test the electronic voting: this is the belief that circulates in the grill environments, which would like to take advantage of the emergency that has swept Italy and all the stringent safety rules to experiment online voting. And this is not the classic proposal span in the air: close by the Viminale – in view of theelection day of September – will launch an inter-ministerial commission with the department for technological innovation in order to identify “the essential procedural guarantees aimed at ensuring the right to vote which represents the heart of our democracy“. The announcement came directly from Achille Variati, Undersecretary of the Interior. And the idea of ​​letting us vote remotely was obviously welcomed with enthusiasm by the 5 Star Movement.”Good news from the government“he commented satisfied Giuseppe Brescia.

The President of the Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Chamber has made it known that an implementing decree on the experimentation electronic voting: “In the last maneuver, with an M5S amendment, we have allocated 1 million euros for testing. It is time to spend it already on the occasion of the next election day in September“Was echoed by Elisa Siragusa, deputy in the Foreign Affairs Committee, who admitted the presence of critical issues in guaranteeing the principles of secrecy and personalities of the vote especially for the expression of the correspondence vote of Italians abroad: “This is why I hope that the government will soon be able to define the guidelines for testing electronic voting, identifying all the solutions necessary to guarantee the correctness of the procedures.“.

It has been specified that the experimentation of digital voting will not replace the paper vote. At this point two possibilities would open: the model to be chosen could concern either that of the digital urn or that of aapplication. In the first scenario, voluntary voters could be involved in a limited number of municipalities (for example large cities such as Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome and Turin); the second could be useful if among the many purposes of the experimentation there was also to avoid gatherings. However, the principles of personality, equality, freedom and secrecy of the vote, enshrined in article 48 of the Constitution.

Casaleggio ready to toast

Getting us to vote electronically is an idea that tickles (and not a little) Rousseau. What better time for the platform? And in the meantime David Casaleggio he will be rubbing his hands, given that in the midst of a pandemic he had proposed to test the online vote for the municipalities where it would not have been possible to go to the polling stations referendum at the end of March on the cut of parliamentarians. But several experts had made harsh accusations against him. “It is the institutional equivalent of those who take advantage of the situation during an earthquake or epidemic. It is a real act of looting, of which an emergency (health first and then democratic) over to this gentleman will have to ask for an account“, thundered Stefano Zanero, professor of cybersecurity at the Politecnico di Milano and one of the most important authorities on the subject.

There cunning attempt from the son of the co-founder of the 5 Star Movement could it be advanced again in September? On social media, many wonder about this possibility. “Are we sure there won’t be a conflict of interest?“, asks a user. Indeed according to critics it is a matter a little too close to Casaleggio’s economic and relational business, so much so as to be suspected of a possible conflict of interest. In the meantime, there is no lack of perplexity and the protest is always mounting on social networks: “Big brother …“;”Of course, of course, now they will be easier to make other cheating“;”Bella caz ****! Who gives us the certainty that the votes are not manipulated Who manages the databases?“.