5S Congress, Di Maio: “The priorities are other”

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio he thinks that the 5 Star MoVement can wait for more time before starting a real congress phase. If for no other reason than because for Di Maio Italy now has other priorities. So the transformation into a party – the one announced for some time and partly already achieved through the creation of a team that supports a political leader – must not take place now. “I don’t think this is the priority for Italy “:Di Maio clarified on the internal congress of pentastellati a The Air that Pulls, which airs on La7. But the focus on the congress phase he is not the only one to have been confronted by the head of the Foreign Department.

The premier Giuseppe Conte – it is not a mystery – it was part of the possible future ministers that Luigi Di Maio had identified before the political elections. Then things changed, and Giuseppe Conte first became the prime minister of the yellow-green government and then that of the yellow-red government. The former grillino summit – as explained byAdnkronos – He also revealed that he is not too worried about his leadership: Di Maio said he attaches more importance to the works that are needed for Italy. But is Conte or is it not the future of the 5 Star Movement?“I don’t make predictions– answered the executive member –, but if Giuseppe gave a hand I would be happy, in full respect of his role “.

Di Maio has therefore not excluded that Conte, who in the meantime is busy with his “General States”, he may acquire official leadership roles, but he made it clear that the Prime Minister must take into consideration the fact that he occupies the position for which the 5-Star MoVement “proposed” it. An element – the latter – that Di Maio has kept us to claim. As for internal quarrels, and specifically the comparison between Alessandro Di Battista and Beppe Grillo, Di Maio tried to temper the climate, preferring to talk about unity:“We are all on the same side”,exclaimed Luigi Di Maio. But Di Battista and Grillo, in these days, have amply shown that they think very differently about the near future of grillism.

On the case discussed in these hours, Di Maio also said the following:“If the M5S wanted money, it didn’t cut wages. It’s easy to attack Gianroberto Casaleggio who can no longer defend himself. Italy is firmly in NATO.”The former Grillino political summit said that if the MoVimento wanted funding, it would not have established that parliamentarians should cut their wages.