13 million euros are missing – Il Tempo

Francesco Storace

Masks that fly, money that runs away further and further. At the Lazio region they hoped for a vacuum of memory, but the scam that cost the administration several million euros returns to the surface. What was discovered was not exactly a correct management model at the moment of greatest concern for the expansion of the COVID-19. And this morning in the classroom in Pisana Chiara Colosimo will return to office again, on behalf of the Brothers of Italy, to pretend to know from Nicola Zingaretti what happened to the money that had to return to the cash register.

A question that deserves attention is under discussion, perhaps also in other buildings that are looking for more elements. In the first few days of May the governor appeared in the regional council to swear that the scandal was buried. Because the company that had pocketed 14 million euros – the one that manufactures light bulbs, the Eco.Tech – was ready to return them. Complete with a return plan. Wastepaper: we are in July and sixty days later Zingaretti is always there to ask the cashier if the money has arrived. Eco.Tech seems …