10 thoughts on the dictatorship of goodism

1. There is no emergency. If the government is unable to work without an emergency, resign. A government that creates an emergency that is not there is an anti-constitutional government.

2. The government born against full powers wants absolute power, it does state of emergencyspecial powers because they are good. Like Jeeg Robot. There is nothing to do: we live in a perennial condition of creeping totalitarianism and the source of this civilization unease is the mass subculture from which all the worst myths of modernity spring.

3. The dictatorship of good feelings will come. And it will be the worst.

4. The liberalism it is not a doctrine of rights but a theory of freedom which sets serious limits on power. Never forget it, otherwise you will lose rights and freedoms.

5. We are all happy with the European funds. The feeling, felt by few, of having done the begging remains.

6. With European funds we manage to finance for two more years the happy degrowth and state socialism, then we will have to redo the begging.

7. I like it like the Merkel rules Italy.

8. There school it will not be able to reopen until the government stops blaming citizens for the spread of Covid and will not say that controlling the epidemic depends on a relative security of the health method of tracking. We are not a serious country but a country that for convenience and ignorance creates alibis and myths that inevitably become comedies and tragedies.