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Writing a postcard to a friend or any relative is quite annoying in today’s advance world, where each & every person connect with each other within a few seconds. But in US, still people use posting system to send a letter or item. Postage Stamps can be acquired from many vendors in the US.


However, there are many places Where Can you Buy Stamps Near Me. Only you just need to know which places sell the postage stamps in US.

In which the first place is all Local Post Offices sell the postage stamps. And you don’t know about United States Postal Service, by which you can purchase postage stamps online. Well, there will be more places which provides postage stamps more conveniently than Post Office.

Here we’ll provide you a complete list of suitable vendors who sell postage stamps near about your location.

In US, many places provides you stamps in a wide variety according to your need. The best place to buy postage stamps is that saves your time as well as eliminates your trip to post office. Even Amazon & eBay also sell stamps but both charge more than featured value of a standard stamp.


For online purchasing stamps, we only recommend or will deliver your stamps into your home where as offers you a 4 – week no risk trial for new users.


Here is the Complete List Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me


LocationsTypeOpen HoursStore Locator Review24 HoursVisit
CVSPharmacy8am – 9pmCVS near me
USPSPost Office8am – 8pmPost Office near me
StaplesCopy Center8am – 9pmStaples near me
UPSPackage Delivery8am – 8pmUPS store near me
Check CashingBankVariableCheck Cashing Locator
Rite-AidPharmacy8am – 7pmRite Aid near me
WalgreensPharmacy8am – 8pmWalgreens near me
Fed Ex CopyCopy Center8am – 10pmFedex Store near me
WalmartRetailer8am – 10pmWalmart close to me
TD BankBank8am – 6pmTD Bank Locator
Bank Of AmericaBank8am – 7pmBOFA Locator
AmazonOnline Retailer24 HoursBuy Stamps online
TargetRetailer8am – 7pmTarget Locator
Office DepotRetailer8am – 7pmOffice Depot Locator
Custom StampsRetailer 8am – 7pmCustom Stamps Help


If you want then you will try to looking for Post Office near me, Staples near me or CVS near me to find postage stamps near about your location.


What Are Postage Stamps?


Postage Stamp is a piece of paper that displayed on every item that posted through the Post Office. It is a kind of proof that you have paid the posting fees. Frequently, it shows the national designation & value with its country’s name.

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It holds the important information with facilitated its delivery until it reaches its destination.Usually, stamps are many types but according to the shapes – rectangular, triangular or few other shapes which are occasionally used.

The stamps are fixed into your envelope or any other postal cover, like – packet, box or mailing cylinder. But many people thinks that why we use Postage Stamps?



Why We Use Postage Stamps?


In this economic world, you have to use stamps because having a postage stamps on your mail is a proof that you have paid the necessary fees of your post. Also it will help to your mail to reach upto its destination.

It’s totally up to you which stamp you will use for your mail because if you choose expensive stamps then it will give priority to your letter. It means your mail will be delivered faster than any other mail.

Importantly, you have to use stamps because if you are not use the stamps then it will be difficult to find your mail and delivered also.

So, using a stamp is a very clean & convenient way to mail your post without any difficulty.


Watch 11 World’s Famous Postage Stamps:


There is the list of world’s famous postage stamps which are as follows –

1. Basel Dove :

It was the first Tricolor stamp which issued by Swiss canton of Basel.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me

2. British Guiana 1c magenta

It is the world’s most famous rare stamps and regarded by philatelists.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me


3. Hawaiian Missionaries:

These are the first postage stamps of Kingdom Of Hawaii.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me


4. Inverted Head 4 Annas:

It is the stamps of India which is prized by collectors.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me


5. Inverted Jenny:

It was the first postage stamps of United States.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me


6. Mauritius Post Office Stamps:

These were issued by British Colony Mauritius in 1847.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me


7. Penny Black:

It was the world’s first adhesive postage stamp which is used in public postal system.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me


8. Red Revenues: 

These are the Qing dynasty Chinese revenue stamps which were used as postage stamps.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me


9. Scinde Dawk:

It was a very old postal system of Indus Valley Of Sindh, which is an area of Pakistan.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me


10. Treskilling Yellow

It is a Swedish Postage stamp.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me


11. Uganda Cowries:

It were a first adhesive postage stamps of Uganda.


Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me 

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me / Postage Stamps Near Me?


One of the main supplier of stamps is the post office near about you. But here we’ll provide you few other convenient places where you can purchase stamps. There are many places near you who carries the postage stamps and it will surprise when you got to know about those places.

Here is a guide where you can buy postage stamps in US.


#1 Postage Stamps From Walmart:


In US, most of the big towns have a Walmart store. Generally, they are frequently open round the clock too. Walmart have the postage stamps according to your need, whenever you want. This is the place where you can get the writing paper, envelope and wrapping paper too.


Buy From Walmart


#2 Postage Stamps From Pharmacy:

Well, there’s no guarantee that every local pharmacy will carry the stamps. But many of the pharmacies carries the stamps who is well known. Like – Walgreens, RiteAide & CVS. they will help you to get postage stamps. They have the wide variety of postage stamps which fulfill your mailing needs.


#3 Banks:


Most of the banks sell postage stamps but they are not open for whole day. Infact, their hours of opening is limited. But the best part is that the most of the towns, cities, even small villages have one or two banks. So, it is the best and convenient place to purchase stamps. Probably, the banks are not able to provide you any kind of stuff like – mail box, envelope, etc. But in every bank you can find postage stamps very easily.


#4 Grocery Stores:


Commonly, you will find the grocery stores near about which carries the postage stamps. In US, every small & big grocery stores have the stamps. This is the place where you can get stamps easily when your need arises. So, if your local storage doesn’t sell postage stamps then let them know how beneficial is to sell the postage stamps.

 #5 A Gas Station:


This place will be a better than any bank in their opening time to sell the postage stamps. Well, it’s totally up to the individual gas station to sell the stamps.

#7 Office Supplies:

Nowadays, most of the office vendors sell the stamps. The office suppliers have been selling the materials, for mailing out the things for years.


#8 Online Sites:


In US, there is common to purchase postage stamps online. All you have to do is just go on online sites who sell the postage stamps . Such as –, Amazon, eBay, & so on.

If you want then you will try to looking for Post Office near me, Staples near me or CVS near me to find postage stamps near about your location. Explore these sites and find out which will suit to your needs.


How Much Cost Of Postage Stamps?


Due to the rising of the more effective electronic mailing system, the price of postage stamps become more expensive comparatively to the older days. But according to the demand of postage stamps the price will be considered.

So, here the cost of the stamps are as follows:

For Domestic Posting – The cost of this system is an average range, i.e; $0.30 to $0.90. Each & every additional amount will cost $0.21.

For Domestic Shipping – The cost will be reach up to $0.22 for flat rate envelopes & packages.


Near About Locations Having Stamps For Sale:

The sale of postage stamps comes occasionally. And you’ll find the store near about you which have the sale on particular special occasions or holidays. Well, it will be the best way to purchase stamps in a bulk amount. So, here is a important information for you, if you want to buy stamps in bulk.

You can buy stamps in a coil, book or in a roll.

Coil – It is a large set of stamps which contains up to 10,000 postage stamps.

Roll – A pack of stamps having 10 stamps.

Book – It is a small book of postage stamps which contains the 20 pieces of stamps.


That’s it! Really, it’s totally up to your choice & convenience to purchase a stamps from anywhere you want because you have a lot of options. If your Post Office is closed then try into your Walmart.

If your local Walmart is closed then try any grocery store or gas station. Still you didn’t get it then you can purchase it online as simple as that. So, there’s no reason why you can’t buy postage stamps?

Hope you will like Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me article and it will help you to find postage stamps near about your location in a very easy way.

If you have any query then feel free to ask. We will surely try to solve your queries for Postal Stamps